Creative Director/Strategist/Word Wrangler/Mentor

It's time for a little bragging. I have received some nice kudos from clients, coworkers, and from the industry in the form of awards. Get to know me a little better and check them out.


Jane is a true creative strategist - she is innovative, smart, business-savvy, and client-focused all at the same time. Working with her on several accounts, including Citizens Bank, Taubman Centers, and Kleenex was great - she brought new ideas, knowledge of digital channels, and deep understanding of the clients' businesses to every meeting and presentation. Jane is incredibly dedicated to her craft and has made it her own, straddling multiple disciplines like copywriting, strategy, innovation, research, and client management with ease and professionalism. She can be counted on in a tight deadline and always come through with great work - a necessary ability for us in the ad world.
Jane does all of this while being kind, thoughtful, and positive - she's fun to work with and brings so much into the work environment. I miss working with her and highly recommend her to an agency or company fortunate enough to have her on their team. - Victoria Dunmire, Digital and Social Media Strategist, Studiocom

Jane was absolutely integral to my growth as an intern at Studiocom. She was available at all times to me, providing creative inspiration, sharing books to read, and asking me how I was doing and how I felt. It made me feel very comfortable and like a real part of the team. She doesn't settle or become complacent, and that was a great model for me to follow. She is a joyous person all around, and I am so grateful to have worked so closely.- Emily Kihn, Interactive Visual Designer, Studiocom

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane on several different projects. She is a creative and group leader in every sense of the word. Jane understands the art of working with a tough client but continues to maintain her creative spin on everything she does. Jane keeps the team, client and herself motivated by remaining positive and excited about every project that comes her way. Her creative vision has provided stellar and unique online communication pieces, bar none.- Pashmeena Hilal, Senior Account Manager, Studiocom

To have worked with Jane has been one of the best professional experiences that I have had. She's a wonderful creative mind, surprising with breakthrough ideas and accurate solutions. You always can learn from her and have enriching discussions about advertising, marketing and anything is happening in the digital age; but what's more important is the passion she has for her work and the commitment to deliver the best for each of the projects she's involved. Jane is an amazing team player, aware of the importance of the communication to improve the processes, and, most of all, she understands the value of each member of the group. I'd work with Jane again without hesitation."- Raquel Jacome, Art Director, Studiocom

I've been lucky to work with Jane on a number of projects, and it goes without saying, it's been a true pleasure. Not only is she a delight to work with, but she's incredibly smart. When I say smart, I mean she both works smart and is incredibly knowledgeable of all aspects of the digital space. Jane does her research and covers all bases, and as a fellow digital marketer, it's a great asset to have someone as well-rounded as she is.
Jane is top-notch talent. Not only does she come up with brilliant ideas, but her ideas are award-winning. I hope I get the chance to work with Jane again in the future. The level of dedication and passion for her work truly shines through, and you don't see that too often.."- Nathan Jokers, Channel Supervisor - Social, VML

Jane is one of my most favorite co-workers of all times. Not only can you count on Jane to get the job done, which is a hard thing to come by in this industry, she is an uber creative concepter who always puts my mind to shame when it comes to what is cutting edge or what is the latest Pinteresty, blog, thingy. Jane is my go-to resource for all things cool in the industry and has showed me what it means to be a true team player.- Anthony Cignarella, Account Director, Studiocom

Jane is extremely smart. Jane does not fluster. Jane can strategize and execute. Jane is always thoughtful, approachable, collaborative, and polished. I have witnessed Jane’s simultaneous, executive-level creative support of client businesses in disparate categories and across communications channels. It’s not easy, and she does it with a smile. Jane is a gem.- John Bermingham, Seamans Media

As an Associate Creative Director, Jane was one of the key creative driving forces in the Boston office. Always in the thick of things, her creative thinking on accounts like Dunkin Donuts across media, website, social, email channels generated exceptional results for the client. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with her again.- Carlos Pimenta, President, Studiocom

Jane continues to deliver great thinking and writing for us and we would recommend her to ANYONE!- Jean Manasian, Founder, Managing Director/CD, Manasian

I worked with Jane for a large and constantly changing web content editing project. She came highly recommended and she lived up to that recommendation. Even as the project shifted and the direction changed, Jane didn't miss a step -- and, most importantly, she delivered great copy on time. She's a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend her highly.Michael Buller, Pholy & Company

Jane's strongest writing talent is her radio. I find radio to be a true test of a young writer's talent. It's just you and 60 seconds. Jane did a lot of terrific radio at GSOP.- Peter Seronick, CD, GSOP

Stop & Shop was never an easy client, but Jane managed to get some really nice pieces produced. She's a hard worker and she takes criticism extremely well, better than most people in fact. I believe that Jane would be a valuable asset to your team.- CJ Kaplan, ACD, Arnold Worldwide



2013 Bees Awards Finalist
2013 MITX Award Finalist
2013 Tomorrow Awards Judge
2012 MITX Awards Judge
2011 MITX Award Finalist
2011 Hatch Award
2011 OMMA Award
2011 WebAwards
2011 Hermes Awards
2011 American Graphic Design Award
2011 Atlanta Addy Award
2011 AiMA Award
2011 IAC Award
2010 MITX Awards
2010 MITX Awards Finalist
2010 MITX Interactive Agency of the Year: People's Choice Nominee
2010 Hatch Awards
2010 Forrester Groundswell Award Finalist
2009 Top 10 Branded Mobile Applications of the Year
2009 Brandweek's "Marketer of the Year" goes to our client Dunkin' Donuts
2009 MITX "Interactive Marketer of the Year" goes to our client Dunkin' Donuts
2009 MITX Awards
2009 MITX Awards Finalist
2009 Adobe Site of the Day